What are the tool’s benefits for press offices?

The automated tool significantly cuts down the time needed for handling press cars. Experience has shown that staff members can take on additional tasks due to the time saved, and they are consequently more content as this makes their jobs more varied.

How much time can I actually save?

The time you can save varies according to the size and organisation of the press car fleet, but 50 per cent and more is possible.

How can motoring journalists benefit from the tool?

Journalists benefit greatly as they automatically receive all relevant information on the press car by email and can thus always go back to it – from information on how and where to take receipt of the car (place, time, contact person), vehicle data (price list, press kit, etc. as a PDF) and the car testing contract (completed by the tool) up to a reminder about when to return it.

How does the tool work from a technical standpoint?

The web tool can be accessed from all of the employees’ end devices, at the office or when they are working outside the office or are away on business. Maintenance and updates are automatic, so employees do not have to deal with any technical issues.

How can one tool work for different press offices?

Any specific requirements and additional features are determined in a personal meeting and subsequently programmed for a customised version. This is the usual process, for which we are happy to meet at your company.

In which languages can I use the tool?

The tool is delivered in either German or English. Other languages are available upon request; technical implementation is easy.

How long does it take before I can actually use the tool?

It depends on your specific requirements. However, as a general rule, you can start running the tool within two to three weeks after you purchased it. Allow a couple of days for filling the tool with your data and testing it internally – and you’re set to go!

How much does it cost?

The costs are much lower than if you would develop it yourself. Please tell us your individual requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Can I test the tool?

Yes, certainly. Please ask us for a test account so you can try it out. Before you start, we will briefly explain the tool’s features to you.